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All of my work starts with your photos. I really enjoy receiving a great photo and turning it into a piece of custom artwork with colored pencils. The better and clearer the photo that you send me, the more detail I can put into a portrait!

Using photos allows me to bring out the personality of your pet. You may not realize that your pet shows their character in photos. I love looking for it and bringing it to the forefront of my art. You can send me your dog, cat, horse, or even request a tiger for your living room.

If you prefer wildlife and don't have a photo, that's okay! Let me know what you are looking for, and I have plenty of resources to find you a good reference photo.

Backgrounds are also fun for me. If you would like a simple background or a complex, detailed landscape, I can do it all. You can even describe the room you plan to put your art in, and I can recommend a background that will make it match perfectly.

Commemorate your furry friend or brighten up your home with one of my custom wildlife pieces. Contact me to get started!

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